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Inconspicuous: You won’t even know it´s there...

Product marking and coding is growing in importance due to stringent market standards and traceability requirements. That said, it does not mean that coding and marking equipment should become the bottleneck in production facilities with multi-million Euro production equipment. Coding equipment should be inconspicuous - as if it weren’t even there.

Ease of use, precise marking and above all reliability are the main requirements for a coding installation.
Hitachi has relied on almost 40 years of experience with continuous ink jet technology to develop its latest CIJP series – the RX. As with all previous generations, reliability and ease of use are the key focal points.
The series comes in two variants, the entry level “Basic model” and the flexible “Standard” model. All models come with a 10.4” full colour touch panel displays with an icon based graphical user interface. Many user friendly software functions have been added including a WYSIWYG editor, message groups and a text search function.
Print speed has been increased without reducing print quality. The new nozzle system has been simplified for increased cleanliness and reliability. Also, each print head can be turned at a 90 degree angle without the need for any additional parts.
The standard model offers a wide range of options so that the specification can be easily matched to the application requirements. Whether it is higher speeds, longer messages, 2D barcodes etc., the RX standard has everything to meet a wide and varied range of user’s requirements.
At the core of all Hitachi’s CIJ systems is the print engine. The print engine of the RX has been designed with reliability and minimal solvent consumption in mind. A reduction in the number of moving parts is the key improvement to further increase reliability.
To be “Inconspicuous” a printer also should be clean. With the RX series, Hitachi introduces a new innovative system, which detects instantaneous power outages and ensures that no ink is released from the print head, avoiding spillage or spoilt products.
The standard model also includes a special power down feature, where one switch allows for both a controlled shutdown and disconnection from the mains network.

Reliable Precise Easy.  The new RX series IJ Printer from Hitachi.